COVID-19 Update - September 2020


Online Classes

We started providing children with the option of online learning from July onwards. Around 400 out of our 777 children have signed up so far. This is an amazing success story for those who have signed up. The teachers come into school on rota and teach on school computers set up in classrooms with an app called Google Classroom. The children receive these lessons on their mobile phones at home. However there are at least 150 children who can't access this service due to lack of phone signal or inability to buy a mobile smart phone. Another 50 to 100 children will hopefully be signing up over the next few weeks.

School Fees

The government has given schools permission to collect 75% of the usual fee. The first instalment of this is 40%. So for the 400 or so children signed up to online lessons we have been collecting whatever fee parents have been able to pay out of this 40%. The usual scholarships for girls done through Child Link will continue to be allocated as usual. So with calculations of fee payable as mentioned above and scholarships for girls it looks like we should be able to manage paying staff for the next 4 to 5 months....that is if parents cooperate in paying the 75% of fee.

Staff Salaries

With the help of a substantial gift we received in April the school was able to pay staff 3 months of full salary from May to June. However from July onwards we had to make difficult decisions in terms of either to furlough staff or pay a reduced salary. The decision was made to keep staff and pay staff 70% of their usual salary. The staff were very happy and relieved when this was shared with them as many schools have stopped paying most of their staff. The staff are also not required to come in every day. It works out at about 3 days a week for all staff. In September Child Link was able to give further funds to support staff salaries.

School Buses

This part of the school is the worst affected financially. This is because we have to keep paying the finance repayments on 3 buses which adds up to about 850 pounds a month and pay the other taxes etc. without being able to run them and charge the School Bus Fee.

Returning of Children to School/ Hostel

This looks like it will happen in early 2021. The Covid cases in India are growing at an alarming rate i.e. 1.5 million cases just in August. The government is not able to comment on opening dates for children to physically return to school but keep reiterating that it won't be soon.


The school closed in March but was able to reopen in July. There were concerns about child safety as a child went missing during the lockdown. Unfortunately the school is now closed again due to a resurgence of COVID-19 cases. Child link has paid for each child to take home a large bag of rice to help support them and their families in this difficult time. Child Link is also liaising with Pastor Daniel to find out if there are other ways we can help the children/teachers and wider community.