Child Link's newest project

A school in the Balkhu slumPastor Daniel runs a school in the Balkhu slum in Kathmandu. He has 61 children aged 3-7 years enrolled in the school at present. They are provided with a hot lunch every day funded by Child Link – probably the only hot meal they receive and a key factor in securing their regular attendance at the school. The day we visited, the children were having rice and omelettes. For the most part they ate with cutlery, picking up the egg with their hands on occasion. The lunch time routine was smooth, both children and teachers knowing the daily routine. The children looked healthy and enjoyed play time. This really brought home to us the invaluable support provided by Child Link.

The school is supported by people that Pastor Daniel has brought up in his church. Two young men prepare and serve the food every lunch time. Some of the girls study in the morning and help at the school in the afternoon.

Pastor Daniel in NepalWe spent Saturday afternoon in Pastor Daniel’s house. The house is paid for by a NGO as he has fourteen displaced boys living with him as well has his own two children. The house is now registered as a hostel. We were quite shocked to see the house - it is made out of corrugated metal sheets. There are five rooms in a row with separate outside doors to each: Two rooms for the boys, one for storage, one for Pastor Daniel’s family and a kitchen. Even though the boys are of different ages they support each other very will.

Urgent Requirements

Talking through the needs of the school, Pastor Daniel and his wife were quite clear on the most urgent requirements: They need:

  1. School books
  2. Wellie boots for school children - we experienced first-hand what one bout of rain could do to the mud in the slums!
  3. Daily transport for older children to get to and from school outside of the slums. Local buses are often full or don’t turn up at all. The benefit of a school bus would be enormous. Child link would love be able to provide all of the above. We will be launching a special appeal to raise money for Wellie boots via our stand at New Wine.